Beyond the Swipe


Beyond the Swipe: 

Honoring God, Respecting Yourself,
and Finding The Right Match


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“Never compromise for the man who treats you as an option, but wait for the one who will make you his priority.”

Kristin Fry  |  beyond the swipe


Have you ever been tempted to give up on dating?

Me too.

Dating apps are the new normal and first impressions matter in a way they never have before. But, are dating apps causing men to respect women less and perpetuating the self-esteem issues that women already struggle with? Even with the pressure of one swipe as your one chance, a woman still wants to know she is worth fighting for. But does she believe it’s possible for her? Dating apps don’t have to be a bad thing, but what does it look like to use them well? 

Women, hold out for the man who will both pursue and commit to you!  He's out there. Women deserve a man who will do what’s best for them, not what’s best for him. Finding love requires an any-speed internet connection but staying in love requires deleting the dating apps.

Today’s dating culture brings new challenges that previous generations did not have, and women need to know that it’s possible to navigate this culture well and find God’s best.


"A man that doesn't bring out the best in you is not the best for you."