(small) GROUPS

Kristin has 20 years of Groups experience within the Church. 

She has helped multiple churches develop a strategy to become more effective with small groups. With an effective strategy comes better systems for small group leaders, which leads to better experience for all who are involved in small groups.

What is the purpose of small groups within the context of your church? There are many great strategies, but your best strategy flows from within your context. 

How do you develop a culture of groups

What about training and recruiting leaders? 

The best strategies have someone dedicated to thinking about them. 

How do you develop Staff members on your team to lead a Groups Department at your church? 

Whether you are in need of a few small tweaks or a major overhaul to your groups system, Kristin loves partnering with churches to help them reach their goals. 

If you want to learn more about this process, you can go here.