Just do it. Even if you suck.

This picture is framed on my desk. I love it. Probably because I suck at a lot of things. But that's no excuse. Just do it anyway.

The truth is that we're not going to be perfect at everything. And for me, I'm going to be perfect at nothing. But so what? For a long time, I lived with this idea in my head that if I wasn't convinced I could be perfect at something, then I wouldn't even try. That did not serve me so well.

I was held captive by my fear of imperfection.

Here's the thing: everyone has to start somewhere. Including me. So what if I suck the first one, two...... or five times. At least I'm trying. And learning.

And that's what I want my life to be about. Learning. Not about being afraid to suck. So I'm just going to do it, and try. And learn. Over and over again. And I might suck. Big deal. Very few people get it right the first time. I think that's the point anyway. And we all have to start somewhere. Including me, including you.

Just do it. Even if you suck.