Happy Work-versary To Me!

While the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine's Day, I have something entirely different to celebrate.

I've been doing the work-full-time-for-a-paycheck thing for almost 20 years. I'm well aware that for some people, 20 years doesn't sound like a long time. But to me, it is. It feels like a long time because those first 12 years of being a working adult were hard. I mean, really hard.

There were times when I would have rather driven off the road into a ditch than pull into the parking lot of my place of employment. So many days felt like the never ending pep talks: the kind you give yourself just to make it through lunch, then again until your break, and one more time until you can clock out. Repeat.

And then there were those times I tried to manufacture thankfulness that I even had a job, when so many people didn't. I wanted to be grateful, I really did. But I wasn't.

But now? I love my job. And to sit here on the day of my four year work anniversary, that's worth celebrating! I don't have a perfect job, those don't exist. If anyone tells you they have a perfect job, they're lying. Or in denial. But I have a job I love. I mean, I absolutely love my job. I love where I work, who I work with and what I get to do. Every day. Even when it's hard (and some days it is).

The wait was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears that led me to this place. It was more than worth it, in fact. So if you're sitting in a job that you hate, I'm sorry. I know what that feels like. But there's hope. And one day I want you to celebrate your work anniversary too.

Happy Work-versary to me!