Making Eye Contact In A Social Media World

A few years ago, I made the decision to be intentional about making eye contact with every person I passed. Whether it's the clerk at the grocery store, the gentleman who opens the door for me, or the person I pass in the aisle at Costco, I want to look every person in the eye. The reality of today's world is that the majority of us will encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of people in any given day. And the saddest part is that most will never notice. It's not because we are unkind or uncaring, it's because we are all so attached to whatever is going on with our smart phone that we don't take time to notice.

It pains me to stand in the check-out line at Target while the person in front of me mindlessly engages with her smart phone, while the checker makes unsuccessful attempts to get her attention.

That's not the kind of person I want to become. So, I decided to look up. And when I did, I noticed that there was a world full of people that were willing to look up too. As a result, I've begun the most interesting conversations and met the most fascinating types of people.

I believe that our social media world has made people more eager to engage in real life, person to person conversations, not less. So, next time you're out, I'd try looking up. By making eye contact, you just might be surprised at what you discover.